Shipping & Returns


We accept orders at the Shihara Lab online shop. For instructions on how to place an order, please review the "Purchase Process".

If you are looking for items not available on or wish to place an order via email, please contact us at



You can make a purchase without creating an account, however, creating an account will save you the trouble of re-entering your information for future purchases. Additionally, by logging in to the website, you can enjoy the following services:

  • Order status confirmation
  • Introduction of latest products
  • Creation of a wishlist to save and share your favorite items
  • Subscription to newsletters delivering the latest updates from Shihara Lab

You also have the option to register the information provided during the purchase process simultaneously with your purchase.


Our Inventory

At our store, we share inventory between our online store and physical stores. While we regularly update our inventory, updates to the online store and physical store inventory do not occur simultaneously. Therefore, even if you place an order online, the item may be sold out at the physical store. In such cases, we apologize for any inconvenience, but we may have to cancel your order.

If a product you ordered is out of stock, we will contact you via the following phone number or email address. At that time, we will provide you with information on the restocking schedule or alternative products, and we appreciate your understanding.

Shihara Lab   


Phone number: 03-3486-1922


Product Prices

In accordance with Shihara Lab's policy of providing stable selling prices that are appropriate for the value of the products in the foreign exchange market, we regularly revise our prices. Please note that depending on the timing of your purchase, the price may differ from what you saw in-store. We announce price revisions in advance on the "News" section, so please check it beforehand.


Ring Sizes

Ring size standards vary depending on the brand and country. Please check the "Size Guide" on the product page before placing an order. Please note that the comfort and fit of the ring can vary based on its width, thickness, and design.

If you have any questions or concerns about choosing the right size for you, please contact us at before placing an order.


Tax-Free Purchases

Tax-free sales are not available at the Shihara Lab official online shop. If you wish to make a tax-free purchase, please visit a Shihara Lab store. Please note that you cannot change your online shop purchase to a tax-free purchase at a store.


Delivery Options

For delivery, as a safety precaution, delivery to parcel lockers is generally not accepted. Please note that we may also decline delivery to addresses other than your home, such as hotels or workplaces.



Purchase Process

Placing Your Order

You can purchase multiple items in one order. Although each item will be individually packaged, they will be shipped together in one shipping box.


Confirmation of Order Details

After we receive your order, we will automatically send you an order confirmation email. If you have set up domain blocking for receiving emails, you may not receive the order confirmation email. If you do not receive it, please contact us at We kindly ask you to remove the domain blocking setting for "".

If you order a ring, our representative will contact you by phone or email to confirm the size. Your order will be confirmed once we have received your confirmation.


Shipping Preparation

After your order is confirmed, we will ship the items within 5 to 7 days.

*Excluding year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays.


After Shipment

Once your order is shipped, we will inform you of the tracking number via email.



Shipping Information

Orders from Within Japan

Items ordered from within Japan will be delivered nationwide free of charge by Yamato Transport.

In the event that items are returned to us due to prolonged absence and cannot be received, please note that we will resend them with shipping charges payable upon delivery.

If you wish to have items ordered from within Japan delivered overseas, please contact us at before or after placing your order.

If you wish to use the service for holding items at Shihara Lab or receiving them at Shihara Lab, please contact us at

Delivery destinations are limited to one per order. If you wish to have items delivered to multiple addresses, please place separate orders for each shipping destination.


Orders from Overseas

The overseas selling price is in US dollars (USD).

Items ordered from overseas will be delivered by UPS or OCS.

For orders totaling 150,000 JPY or less in value, a shipping fee will apply.

For purchases totaling 150,000 JPY or more in value, shipping will be free of charge.

As the shipping carrier varies depending on the delivery destination, please contact us at if you would like to know in advance. Please note that we do not accept requests for specific shipping carriers.

Any customs duties and consumption taxes incurred upon receipt of your order will be your responsibility. The amount of customs duties and consumption taxes varies depending on the country or region, the type of product, the price, the destination, etc.

Additionally, tax rates and conditions for applying customs duties are determined by government policies and laws, and may be subject to change.

If you would like to confirm the taxes related to imported goods in advance, please contact the customs or customs authorities in the country or region of the delivery destination.

Furthermore, when shipping precious metal products, we will arrange the shipment based on the latest information from customs authorities, export-import control authorities, etc.

Please note that there may be cases where we cannot ship precious metal products to certain destinations, depending on the delivery destination. If we are unable to accept your order, we will contact you by email after you place your order.


Packaging and Enclosures

All jewelry items are placed in the original jewelry boxes or pouches provided by each brand, and a sales certificate is enclosed with the item, as appropriate.

Regarding the invoice, we have adopted a paperless system for environmental consideration and protection of customer's personal information.

Upon arrival, please confirm your order details in the "Order Confirmation Email" sent from us.

The outer box used for shipping does not have the "Shihara Lab" label.

The sender's information stated on the delivery slip is "Shihara Lab Online Store".



If you wish to send a gift directly to the recipient, please be sure to enter the purchaser's information in the "Billing" section and the recipient's information in the "Shipping" section.

Invoices or receipts indicating the amount of the ordered items are not included.

Please note that we do not include shoppers (paper bags) or decorations for items purchased as gifts.

If you would like to include a message card, please contact us at after placing your order.


Payment Methods

Credit Cards

You can use various credit cards such as VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB, and DINERS. 

If you wish to make a bank transfer, please contact us at

*Only one credit card can be selected per order.

*Please use a credit card in the name of the orderer. If the billing information does not match the registration information with the credit card company, there may be delays in delivery for confirmation of credit card usage.


Cancellation, Exchange, and Return Policy 


We do not accept cancellations once an order has been confirmed.

Please ensure to thoroughly check the product details and notes before placing an order.

In the event that items are returned due to prolonged absence or refusal to receive them, we may request reimbursement for the actual round-trip shipping costs and packaging materials.

Furthermore, in cases of cancellation or returns initiated by the customer after payment, shipping costs and transaction fees incurred during return shipping may be charged to the customer. 


Return and Exchange

We do not accept returns or exchanges of ordered items.

Please note that returns are not accepted under the following circumstances:

  • The item does not match the image, color on the screen, or does not fit the size.
  • The item is returned without prior request for return or exchange.
  • Tags, price tags, labels, or accessories are damaged, soiled, or lost.
  • The item has been used, altered, processed, laundered, or cleaned.
  • The condition of the item upon return significantly differs from its original condition upon delivery (including packaging, box, accessories, and warranty).
  • The item has become dirty, scratched, or has absorbed odors (such as from pets, tobacco, perfume, or cosmetics) while in the customer's possession.
  • The item was returned with the shipping label directly attached to the jewelry box.
  • In other cases where the item is deemed unsuitable for resale.


If the item delivered is defective or incorrect:

Please contact us at We will handle the return or exchange of the item. Shipping costs for returns will be covered by us. If you would like to bring the item to our store, please contact us in advance at

*Please ensure that communication is made by the original orderer.


If the item can be exchanged with an in-stock item:

Please return the item in the same condition as received. Once the tracking number for the return shipment is confirmed, we will promptly arrange for the dispatch of the correct item.


If the replacement item is out of stock:

We will check if the item can be ordered from the respective brands and inform you accordingly. If you cannot wait until the item is available, we will handle the return and refund process.

Please return the item in its original condition as much as possible. Once the return item arrives, we will process the refund promptly.


If your ordered item is unique:

We will provide assistance through repair. If repair is not possible, we will handle the return and refund process.


Instructions for Returns

When returning the item, please return it in the same condition as received. To prevent accidents or loss during delivery, please pack the item securely. We recommend using a shipping method with a tracking number.

Please note that we cannot process refunds if the returned item is lost during return shipping. We cannot accept responsibility for this, so please understand.

Detailed information regarding the return address and shipping will be provided by our staff.


Return Shipping Costs

If the item delivered is defective or incorrect, we will cover the return shipping costs incurred during the return process.



Refunds will be processed using the same payment method used for the purchase.

Refunds will be processed once the returned item has been received and inspected. If the refund is processed through the credit card company, or if the processing spans across billing cycles, please contact your credit card company directly.



Jewelry Care


Products handled by Shihara Lab are crafted from various materials and special techniques. Before use, please make sure to read the attached attention card included with the product. If you have any questions regarding how to handle your jewelry, please feel free to contact us at


  • Please handle with care to avoid damage or bending, as excessive force may cause breakage or deformation.
  • Depending on the design, there is a possibility of unexpected harm, such as entanglement with clothing fibers or injury during attachment and removal, so please handle with caution.
  • Depending on individual constitution, itching or irritation may occur. If you experience any abnormality on your skin, please discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.
  • Remove the product when engaging in activities involving physical labor, intense sports, sleeping, or caring for infants, as they may pose a risk to your body.
  • Surface finishing may undergo changes over time due to wear.
  • Products using pearls are susceptible to heat and impact. Please refrain from using them in high-temperature and high-humidity environments to avoid damage.


Silver Products

  • Silver products may oxidize over time, resulting in tarnishing. You can maintain their luster by regularly polishing them with dedicated polishing cloths or compounds.
  • Silver products are sensitive to water and humidity. After use, wipe them dry with a cloth before storage and avoid exposure to humid environments or immersion in water.
  • Silver products may react with certain chemicals. Especially in places containing bleach or chlorine, such as pools or hot springs, it is advisable to remove them or avoid contact.
  • When storing, it is recommended to place them in sealed zip-lock bags or dedicated silver storage bags to protect them from airborne chemicals like sulfur or hydrogen sulfide.
  • Silver is a relatively soft metal, so avoid contact with hard objects. Care must be taken when storing them with other jewelry or metals to prevent scratching.
  • Silver jewelry may tarnish when not worn. To minimize tarnishing and maintain the jewelry's shine, store them with anti-tarnish strips in a storage container.


Oxidized Silver Products

  • Jewelry made of oxidized silver has a tarnished appearance. Using strong polishing compounds or cloths may compromise its appearance. Use soft cloth or cotton swabs to gently wipe away dirt.
  • Typically, a special treatment is applied to protect the tarnished surface. Prolonged exposure to water or humidity may alter its appearance. After use, gently wipe them dry with a cloth before storage and avoid placing them in humid areas.
  • When storing in jewelry boxes, ensure they do not come into contact with other accessories or metals.


Enamel Products

  • Enamel has relatively good durability but is prone to scratching. Avoid contact with hard or sharp objects and handle with care.
  • Enamel is sensitive to water and chemicals. Before wearing jewelry, ensure that cosmetics, perfumes, hairsprays, and other chemicals are completely dry. It's also recommended to remove enamel jewelry during bathing or washing.
  • When cleaning, use a soft cloth or cotton swab to gently wipe. Do not use strong polishing compounds or detergents.
  • When storing enamel jewelry, take care to avoid direct contact with other jewelry or hard objects. Also, avoid moisture and direct sunlight.


Jewelry Made of Natural Materials (Silk, Mohair, Scarab, etc.)

  • Natural fibers are sensitive to humidity. Avoid using them in hot and humid conditions.
  • They may discolor due to sunlight exposure. Store them in a place away from direct sunlight for extended periods.
  • When cleaning, gently wipe with a soft cloth. Using excessive friction or hard brushes may damage the fibers.
  • They may be sensitive to chemicals. Before wearing jewelry, ensure that cosmetics, perfumes, hairsprays, and other chemicals are completely dry.
  • Depending on the environment and wearing conditions, they may stretch or deform. Remove them when submerged in water for extended periods or during physical activities.